Lenses, lenses, lenses… You know what they do and how they do it. It’s a lot to take (and a lot to pay for if I am to be just a tiny bit more specific). With such a wide choice and a lot of different specifications the choice on which lens might be quite a tough one. Let’s make it easier. That’s what we like to do for you.

Photomind 1Depending on what your favourite subject of photography is the choice might narrow down although not necessary. The first example is one of the most common type is probably travel photography. While being in new and interesting places that are worth remembering I would probably be interested in photographing just about everything starting from architecture, food, events to street art and portraits. But to make travelling pleasant and not have to worry about carrying a lot of gear it is probably most convenient to use zoom lenses. Wide angle-zoom will be great for your landscapes and scenic shots, while tele zooms will let you produce some amazing portraits, food and other subjects. If you invest in a good quality large aperture lens you will always be ready for that special moment and might even be able to sell you pictures to magazines, on the online libraries or through agencies. What an amazing way to travel!

Photomind 2On the other hand if travelling is not your thing and you’d rather stay at home and spend some quality time on cooking then food photography is for you specifically. To create those mouth-watering shots which will touch the viewers’ senses you need long focal length and to concentrate on the detail macro version would make it a complete success. For pictures where you want to make it dramatic or show the food as a scene you can also use a wide angle lens. The cool thing with this kind of photography is that there are no boundaries with using your imagination while creating the set up and thinking about the lighting. It all contributes to the mood of the story you want to tell. Whether it is a Sunday lunch with the family or some fast food on the go it is up to you how you show it. There is a big demand on food photographers nowadays with people trying to eat healthy and varying the diet. After all we eat everyday and to make it exciting we buy cook books, food magazines, look up the recipes on the internet so there is no limits within this field.

Photomind 3What if it is not still life that gives you the adrenaline and only sport & wildlife photography rush you bloodstream? This exciting subject of photography is quite demanding indeed and because of its nature it is also not always possible to reach it with just the human eye. The lenses recommended by professionals are those telephoto ones. Ultra-long telephoto lens or telephoto zoom will do the job if you want to capture wild animals within their natural habitat. The length between you and your subject will give them (and you for that matter – in some cases) enough space to feel comfortable. It is also great for sport as you don’t want to be in the middle of the event and spoil it for anyone. Again it gives you the peace of mind as your equipment will also be out of reach of the daredevils ;)

Photomind 4Photomind 5But then again getting dirty throwing yourself in the mud or spending hours to get that perfect shot might not necessarily be your dream come true. It might be a bit easier to achieve your aim when you try within more cooperative field, such as:
portrait & beauty photography. The most important thing for most of your future models will be (lets make it clear) to flatter them. Whether it’s a party, a wedding or a group school shot nobody wants their worst feature being exaggerated and for that reason it is best not to use wide angle lenses. If you want to keep the proportions as correct as possible use lenses starting with 50mm (which will not distort the portrait)and focus on the eyes. To have a sharp and clear view the aperture should be between f/8 and f/11 but if you don’t want all the detail you can follow advice of some professionals and use a black net. That interesting secret will be revealed in our next article in October. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.
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Author: Agnes Kuczynska
Photos: Agnes Kuczynska and Anita Kubala

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