How Senior is my Manager? Wyróżniony

Joao PoncianoEver wondered why many jobs have such posh titles?
Ever wondered why many of them pay roughly the same or slightly less than your typical office worker?

Well there must be something strange if a so called senior manager is on a salary of £20K. Are these positions really senior or just a way to attract candidates by their title.

Be under no illusions, however the job description and person specification must live to expectation if the title really means Senior. But what exactly is being senior?  

While a quick check of the dictionary would leave us in no doubt that this would be closely related to age.
When applying the term in its literal interpretation to a career it would translate into a significant number of years in a role profile.
Perhaps our premise is not entirely wrong, after all you would expect a senior role to be that where a candidate has considerable experience which is perfectly and directly correlated to years of performance of a role profile.

Well the modern times do not seem to follow this narrow view. The view of senior or manager has been widened to attract candidates to less attractive areas.

Think with me.

If you see a Managerial job you should expect the person specification to detail minimum years of experience and a degree of responsibility which is commensurate with that of someone in a senior job.
REKLAMA I ANONSETypically the later this would  involve responsibility for either people, budgets, health and safety and other functions alike.
Given the tight competition, such jobs of “Senior Managerial” calibre should insist that the candidates have management qualifications of at least degree level and most likely a professional registration to demonstrate some form of continuous professional development and affiliation.  

If you are aspiring to be a real Senior Manager think that without these aforementioned attributes and others you are not Senior Management material.
There is no worst frustration to those under a Senior Manager which is not qualified and has earned his place in modern times by the literal definition of Senior.

After all the literal interpretation of Senior is no longer sufficient to professionally perform a role and be able to develop it.
Society calls for more than just the basics while in the mean time we fool ourselves to thing that a title comes with responsibility!
Not anymore.

Author: Eur. Ing Joao Ponciano

Ostatnio zmienianyśroda, 30 październik 2013 11:31
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